Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My Area of Personal Interest

    All I can see is a blur as I am catapulted off my horse. I hit the ground face first, getting a mouth full of sand as I roll.  As my body loses its momentum I realize that I can't breathe, I feel like a fish out of water, my lungs are begging for air. I began to panic causing my lungs to clench even more the they already are and making it impossible for me to get fresh air. The sound of my father and trainer telling me to relax echoes through my ears, slowly bringing me out of my panic and allowing me regain my breath. This happened to me because i lost focus and i paid the price for it.
  "Rhythm, Relaxation and Control."is a statement that my trainer Adrian constantly repeats to me, and this experience had made me look at it in a new light and respect. It has made me more aware of what could have happened to me if things really took a turn for the worst.
\    It is vital for a rider to always have Rhythm, Relaxation and Control because with out these three elements you won't achieve your desired momentum. Therefore, you won't make it over the next jump safely. You must always be acutely aware of everything around you while you are riding your horse because its not only you're life you need to be looking out for, your horse's life and well being should taken into consideration as well. So as long as you are aware you can expect a very successful ride. Have you ever had bad fall off your horse? If so comment below and tell us how it changed your perspective on riding

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