Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Commentary of Published Work

   Imagine if I told you there was a book out there that can teach you how to achieve your wildest hopes and dreams?  Well there is no need to imagine anymore, because there is one! This wonderful book is called The Secret to Teen Power, and it tells you all that you need to do in order to make your goals come to life. Whether it be earning money,  maintaining a relationship, staying healthy, or staying confident The Secret has the answer.
    The Secret has given me a whole new outlook on my life and what my mind capable of. It has shown me how to take control of every aspect of my life and make it better by just acting and thinking positive. I have learned that the universal law of attraction is the cause of all that is happening around you and it all depends on how you feel mentally. So if you are thinking negative thoughts, then you will attract negative things. But, if you are thinking positive thoughts and you act upon them, you will attract positive things. So the next time your confidence is low and you just want to give up, take my advice, go out and buy The Secret to Teen Power. I can assure you that, once you start reading, you won't be able to stop.
Have you ever read or have seen The Secret? Because if so, voice your opinion below.

My Area of Personal Interest

    All I can see is a blur as I am catapulted off my horse. I hit the ground face first, getting a mouth full of sand as I roll.  As my body loses its momentum I realize that I can't breathe, I feel like a fish out of water, my lungs are begging for air. I began to panic causing my lungs to clench even more the they already are and making it impossible for me to get fresh air. The sound of my father and trainer telling me to relax echoes through my ears, slowly bringing me out of my panic and allowing me regain my breath. This happened to me because i lost focus and i paid the price for it.
  "Rhythm, Relaxation and Control."is a statement that my trainer Adrian constantly repeats to me, and this experience had made me look at it in a new light and respect. It has made me more aware of what could have happened to me if things really took a turn for the worst.
\    It is vital for a rider to always have Rhythm, Relaxation and Control because with out these three elements you won't achieve your desired momentum. Therefore, you won't make it over the next jump safely. You must always be acutely aware of everything around you while you are riding your horse because its not only you're life you need to be looking out for, your horse's life and well being should taken into consideration as well. So as long as you are aware you can expect a very successful ride. Have you ever had bad fall off your horse? If so comment below and tell us how it changed your perspective on riding

My Personal Artifact

      The adrenaline is indescribable, I can feel the energy vibrating off of him in waves as his blue blood races through his veins. All I hear is the pounding of his hooves as they pummel the ground, sending the once beautifully raked sand in to a cloud of dust behind us. We are searching for the right distance to my next jump. Then we're off, and for those few seconds we are flying, soaring though the air as a feeling of freedom rushes through the both of us. We blaze around every turn, and head toward the next jump desperate to fly once again.
      Three hours a day, 5-6 days out of every week is the amount of my time I spend with my beloved horse Lavitto at  Pine Hollow Stables. I don't know who I would be without my horse nor do i want to, because I need my horse, like the oxygen I need to breathe. He is undoubtedly my best friend. Which is why I am so thankful that my dad has made this possible for me by buying me this amazing horse. Over the past few months that we have been together, we have experienced both great failure as well as great success. When we fall we always get back up and try again. Because of this we have achieved this unbreakable bond/trust. He trust's me to make the right choices, as I do him. He never judges me when I make mistakes, nor would he ever do anything to purposefully hurt me, and that is not something you find in other people very often these days. He his the one who will always have my back. How do you feel when your riding your horse?
Link to my point of view on my other horse Homeward